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What’s Your Plan?

by | Jan 14, 2022 | Body, Mind, Soul

You post it

Some of us have a habit of making New Year’s resolutions!

But are we able to “live up to” our goals, or are they sometimes hard to reach?

Perhaps our intention was to eat better, find ways to discipline ourselves, or to pay attention to portion control, exercise or better choices.

Are you motivated to really want a change? Are you looking to improve your health? Chart your course?

Pick one thing, whether it is emotional, financial, physical, mental, or spiritual that you want to improve. You will find growth, either baby steps or giant steps, helps achieve an improved sense of wellbeing and directs us towards our purpose.

Here is a site that helps you better understand and celebrate, from an International perspective, Mind and Body Wellness Day!

Start thinking about how you envision a new habit, to work towards. Who or what guides your decision-making?  There are direct connections between spirituality, purpose and health.

What better time for a new YOU than in the New Year!

Ready to Chart Your Course?

How to become responsible and accountable in a world of unknowns.