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Consumer and Caregivers

Consumer and Caregivers

Imagine you are now accountable and responsible for understanding health navigation and how to access best-practice tools and ever-changing regulations, comparisions in care, and supportive information. "Person-centered care" will be expanding and patients will be invited to be "a part of the care conversation" moving forward. As a member of the National Quality Forum (NQF) we learned the "average consumer" isn't generally informed enough to be a part of these "conversations" or lack the literacy of how care is regulated and delivered.  That's what we do, guide you! We have organized a plethora of agencies and organizations that address a multitude of topics that include:

  • promoting research and practice improvement
  • improving health care practice
  • making care safer
  • expanding telemedicine post-pandemic
  • explaining major healthcare program information
  • the consumer assessment of healthcarwe providers and systems (CAHPS)
  • quality comparisons of facilities and services
  • along with technology and strategy
  • physician office visit costs
  • supplier directories and more.

We have organized these processes in the easy to follow Consumer/Caregiver member page.  Directing you to health and wellness resources and service concepts in the expanding age of technology, telehealth and information. For about 25 cents a day, you can have 24/7 access as a member! Join Us!

$99 ($149 annual)

Clinicians and Providers

Navigation of essential resources, cost-benefit concepts of various approaches, pros and cons of metrics, as well as development of office workflows for compliance decisions.

Physician relationships focus on patient care. Who on your team is assigned to address, know what and how to overcome interoperability, increase education in the office, and implement a person-centered approach with encouragement of meaningful participation? 

Learn to lead your team, with a physician/clinician level of membership to easily navigate upcoming trends, and best practice healthcare information methods found in our Purposeful Concepts User Guide. Need something specific? Ask Us! We understand the complexity of the information you are asked to embrace. 

The Quality Payment (QPP) is dedicated to improving outcomes. These complex measures and methodology needs your feedback and comments.  Who is tasked at your practice level, with oversight and understanding related to the current two participation tracks, MIPS, APMs? The "Merit-based" track measures quality through different types of data collection, do you understand how you are participating? These tracks can be complicated and time consuming to navigate, and can change based on regulatory compliance and new measures.

Beginning with the 2022 performance year, new reporting methodologies and workflows will take steps, over the next three to five years, to have the patient at the center of care models. 

We help providers learn how to engage their patients and families to better understand their role, literacy, and goals in the new patient/family centered QPP models moving forward. How's your patient portal addressing some of these topics? Join Us! 

$499 ($599 annual)

Facilities and LTC

Facilities and LTC

Education and team development concepts for hospitals and Long-Term Care settings. We use a "Lean Six Sigma" approach to enhance efforts and improve outcomes. Our Community Based Health concepts, look at you community needs which are mentioned throughout the (findings throughout the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

This level of membership includes a comprehensive, and cumulative overview  of our consumer/caregiver as well as our clinician/provider membership pages. All levels have access to our Education and Tools page. 

We offer custom tools and specific action plans to see if your efforts are improving to meet compliance or to address a "Plan of Correction."

  • We specialize in Long Term Care strategy
  • Improved patient and family experience results as well a literacy for person centered engagement teams
  • We offer a custom tool, developed specifically for LTC and the regulatory mandates
    • Our F-Tag realignment tool speaks to the steps necessary for survey compliance
    • Request a demo for those wanting an in-house strategy that includes QAPI
    • CAHPS outcomes, aligned with education, to improve redident and family outcomes
    • We explain how to "keep" your historical data
      • speak to how CMS is realigning their Research, Statistics, Data & Systems information to provide guidance related to report utilization
      • For those interested in the "math and calculations" we keep the most recent PERM Manual link

Concepts for inpatient, outpatient, and quality measures all organized in one place. Ask us! We offer training and tools for your organization. 

$799 ($999 annual)

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