Purposeful Concepts

Wellness YOUR way…
Models of care concepts connecting
the body, mind, and soul.

Consumers and Caregivers

Caring for each other…
Linking consumers, caregivers, and
facilities to optimize health and wellness.

Clinicians and Providers

Building bridges together…
Collaborative space to elevate
awareness for clinical data users.

Facilities and LTC

Dynamic environmental factors…
Innovative solutions to maximize
synergy in the healthcare industry.

Aging and Evolution

Conversion is underway…
Concepts for health and wellness
mandates to best meet the needs of humanity.

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Purposeful Concepts

Wellness YOUR Way!

Purposeful Concepts LLC. (PCLLC) helps users navigate the complex everchanging situations encountered in receiving or delivering health and wellness services.

As access to care delivery evolves to an online (Telehealth) environment, the patient and/or family will assume responsibility AND accountability in care.

Do you consider yourself “literate” is speaking to “case management” metrics and workflows?

Imagine having a place at the table from a patient and family centered care perspective with physicians, clinical leads, providers, and other professionals.

Are you prepared to be a part of the conversation within the transformation that is already underway?   What elements would you consider in developing a meaningful conversation related to YOUR care plan.

Take a look at our Blog page, About Us, Common Threads and Aging and Evolution to get some ideas and see how we can expand what you know! What did you learn?

Our goal is for you learn something you weren’t aware of, after that, we hope you want to dig deeper, ask questions and improve your critical thinking abilities. What do you understand about algorithm’s in diagnosis or care delivery? Do you look to nature and a natural approach in care delivery or artificial intelligence?

Perhaps, you need guidance to best practice health information to determine options in care. Membership places components of the care model in one convenient place, saving you time!

Become a member and see what we offer! Membership walks you through the steps you need, introduces options for you to consider or use our handy “drop down” request tool for something specific! We create custom tools for members and provide innovative concepts to engage consumers, caregivers, and health facilities in delivery of care.

For example, Primary Care (PC) transformation is the frontier of these new interactions in healthcare. The PC practice transformation is a journey that REQUIRES true partnerships with patients and families, at the heart of the model, as well as aligned with incentives. Quality, safety, risk, value based care are just a few of the terms the “consumer” needs to understand. What will your dialogue look like?

Additionally, we serve as a digital resource to enrich relationships between patients and families, providers and facility teams while blending traditional workflows with pioneering approaches to modern healthcare.

We offer a virtual archive of health and wellness concepts to simplify navigation, save you time and increase understanding of best practice information.

Purposeful Concepts LLC. was created to enhance care of the “whole” person in guiding humanity. We look at the uniqueness in the multi-faceted components of body, mind, and soul within individuals.

Whether you are a patient, caregiver, provider or a leader looking for ideas to help others. We deliver a network of resources to maximize Wellness YOUR Way!

Nature or Algorithm?

Managing YOUR Wellness-Latest Blogs

Browse our collection of information, suggestions and best practice resources.

Membership Packages

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Become a member and bridge the knowledge gap in care delivery and wellness services!

Consumer and Caregivers

Consumer and Caregivers

Guiding individuals in connectivity to health and wellness resources and service concepts in the expanding age of technology and information

$99 ($149 annual)

Clinicians and Providers

Navigation of essential resources, cost-benefit concepts of various approaches, pros and cons of metrics as well as development of office workflows for compliance decisions

$499 ($599 annual)

Facilities and LTC

Facilities and LTC

Education and team development concepts for hospitals and Long-Term Care. Lean Six Sigma approach to enhance efforts and improve outcomes

$799 ($999 annual)


Why Choose
Purposeful Concepts

Connecting body, mind and soul


What we do: Because we care, we give lots of free resources through our blogs and social media to get you thinking. Besides that Purposeful Concepts connects members to multiple resources to increase awareness of the new Data Driven Care Delivery methodology. Healthcare literacy, caring for oneself or others involves personal decisions. Develop a corrective wellness plan, learn more about overall care management or embrace how the mind, body and soul connects with healthier living. Understanding Patient and Family Centered Care and wellness outcomes is found through self-discovery. More importantly, find government mandates that are ever-changing and aren’t  always mentioned through typical news outlets.

How we do it: We provide insight, true stories and experiences as well as links to information that are considered best practice, natural, innovative, or upcoming opportunities to align with government mandates. We explain the process and provide links to upcoming changes and public comment periods that are aligned within tiers of membership. Need more? As a member, just Ask Us, we are here to educate or train based on your needs.

Most importantly, as we journey forward into 2022 and beyond, our information “go-to” requires a connection to the internet and a device. With that approach comes unique challenges including thousands of options, on multiple sites, that take hours of your precious time to navigate. With membership comes simple instructions that help to navigate, guide you on your journey and educate you or your healthcare team as to how w information you need is located. Looking for more? Use our drop down menu to ask specific questions, or align with the work you are tasked with, for custom consultation services.

We offer members concepts in what, who and how to ask to streamline care delivery and avoid unintentional consequences. Not a member, email us an share what you would like to learn.

Purposeful Connectivity and Consciousness

We say…

Doctors cannot make you healthy.

Mastermind groups cannot address all your problems.

Spiritual masters cannot make you more enlightened.

You must guide your own health and wellness journey.

Our purpose is to provide you with concepts to get there. PCLLC


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Community Wellness

“Barbara listens to people’s needs and makes thoughtful recommendations, networks and builds collaborative efforts on teams, and develops unique and innovative solutions to challenging issues.”


Long Term Care

“I highly recommend engaging the services of Purposeful Concepts, LLC who assisted us in the navigation of Phase 2 (2017) and Phase 3 (2019) compliance. The New York State Department of Health mentioned the Plan of Correction (POC) we worked together on, that met “…substantial compliance was achieved as of 6/8/2019.”

Barbara Lake’s assistance was key to our success. She has a wealth of knowledge in regulatory measures within multiple care and service areas. She has a skill set related to diverse teams that drive staff to work together, as well as improve community perceptions.”

Stephen T. Heard / Baird Nursing Home
Owner/ Administrator


“Barbara Lake introduced me to the concepts of best practices and compliance with State and Federal Guidelines.

After resisting for some time, I agreed to do a ‘deep dive’ and discovered a better way to practice.

Through embracing new guidelines. I consistently received the highest marks in patient satisfaction and improved reimbursement with better efficiency in care and reduced administrative costs. At the same time, I gained a better quality of life. Barbara’s persistence was a key to making success happen.”

Bruce Peek M.D., FACC

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