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National Webinar – Telehealth-Telemedicine

by | Jan 25, 2022 | Body, Consumer, Facility, Provider

As a leader, I wanted to inform and encourage you to share this information and the link (at the bottom) to register to listen to some facts. We’ve learned the average citizen is not aware of the considerations within telehealth and telemedicine. I encourage you to share the information and link below with your family, work team and/or employees so they can learn more and publicly comment.

At a given point everyone needs some type of health care!

Until recently, humans provided care within a face-to-face interaction. The pandemic changed that model to encompass telehealth/telemedicine and the time is now for everyone to evaluate, improve and sustain this model moving forward!

As we say at PCLLC, “Health is not medicine and treatment is not care” however importance is our individual awareness, where each individual become responsible and accountable. As we learn more, think critically, let’s focus on what’s important to us (person centered care) our family, and community.

Everyone needs to hear this free message, as it won’t be on your local news station and health as well as access to care is important. Don’t wait until you are in an urgent situation to learn how care and access to care is evolving, or how you may need to manage a device or internet connection. Become literate, get involved and think about what’s next.

Free Webinar to Advance High Quality Virtual Healthcare Services (sharable link at the bottom)

National Quality Forum (NQF) is  hosting  a  webinar to  highlight  how  diverse  healthcare  stakeholders  can evaluate,  improve,  and  sustain  virtual  healthcare  quality  beyond  the  current  public  health  emergency.

Event speakers include:

  • Linda Schwimmer, CEO, New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute
  • Steven Shook, Lead for Virtual Health, Cleveland Clinic
  • Leonie Heyworth, National Synchronous Telehealth Lead, VA Office of Connected Care
  • Diann Folkersen, Patient Advocate,  Consumers  Advancing  Patient  Safety
  • Heather Black, Healthcare Quality Research Director, Merck & Co., Inc.

(Shareable link) Learn more and registerhttps://bit.ly/3tmslpB

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