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Empowering Women – MWBE Business Resources

by | Feb 7, 2023 | Body, Mind, Soul

Are you a woman business owner or entrepreneur looking to further grow or expand your business?

Nurturing a start-up is full of unknowns, and it’s hard to find someone who can walk you through the necessary steps. Often times, when you don’t know-what you don’t know, it’s frustrating to know what or how to ask.

In education, we ask the person seeking the education, “What do you want to better understand?” after further dialog, the conversation brings a clearer understanding of what or where the knowledge gap is.

The next step we offer is to understand how the person, or team, wants to layout the roadmap of tasks to achieve the desired outcome.

The process sounds simple, but the path to get to a solution or the next step, can be daunting!  Finding the right help, understanding complex processes and/or information, often is dependent on the way your guide, coach, or mentor  shares information.

Learning styles are as unique as each individual. Just as an employer looks to fill a role with  the “right fit” and skillset, women helping women or what my daughter calls GIRL POWER is a mighty force!

Women, often the nurturers, who have walked through this process, can help others as mentors and coaches. The power of one soul, helping another, can start a meaningful a chain of love this February. Become a link in this new chain and – Be the Change! Need a coach or mentor, look to your nearest Business Association and start a conversation!

Wherever you are across the nation, help is available, state by sate, for free!   APTAC is dedicated to helping businesses succeed in the public sector marketplaces .PTAC offers free training in several areas that a new business woman could spend countless hours navigating. For those in Upstate New York who have had their WOSB application returned, register through the link, and spend your lunch hour this Valentine’s Day to learn what the next step is when  Monroe County offers “Turnaround Tuesdays”


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