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Discovering Healthy and Affordable Food Options

by | Aug 30, 2022 | Body, Soul

Fresh Food and Produce are Abundant This Time of Year!

Have you visited your local Farmer’s Market lately?

You might be surprised to find great produce and food, healthy living remedies, and heart-warming stories; all as you shop and get to know those who offer a multitude of options!

Summer and fall bring abundant harvest. Here in Upstate New York is certainly no exception, and the varieties offered can make learning about healthy eating fun.

Learning to take fresh produce and capture both the health benefits and recipe options have been around for centuries. Preserving, be it canning, freezing, or drying foods, offers a wonderful memory of a season, and family traditions. Imagine being able to tell your family story through the eyes of healthy eating.

That’s the family story behind Sue’s Spices, at the Rochester, N.Y., city run, Public Market. The Rochester Public Market (RPM) https://www.cityofrochester.gov/publicmarket/  has served the community at its 280 North Street site since 1905.

Sue’s Spices has the corner spot (space 2&4) in the newest building, which was a part of the $8.5 million dollar renovation and additions project completed in July 2017.  The Indoor Shed “B” allows for a temperature-controlled atmosphere where vendors and patrons can share tips and learn from each other.

Sue’s grandfather, Angelo (pictured here), was the first to share the family tradition to sell healthy food at the RPM. “He saved enough money by working at the market to bring his family over from Italy. There’s a story board above the dried spice rack where patron’s can learn more about their family story.

Sue’s warm smile and friendly demeanor seems to be a family tradition too, as she speaks to the “fun” she gets from helping people by providing a vast array of spices, fresh vegetables, and healthy building blocks for creating a family meal.

Her best advice is, “to eat healthy, “whole,” fresh food, free of preservatives.” Her healthy offerings, align with so many other farmers and vendors, to keep thousands of families throughout the region both healthy and satisfied!

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