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Community-Based Health

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Facility

Community-Based Health

There isn’t a single strategy that will meet all of the upcoming desires and needs of multple stakeholders. As the market continues to evolve, and ever-changing regulatory mandates look to individuals to be a part of the solution, new stategies to meet the needs in patient education, use of technology and navigation of information must take place. Perhaps a tailored approach that addresses complexities within generations, communities, socio-economic factors and most importantly innovations from collective groups who value relationships within interactions. Community assessments that address conditions, from economic, housing, financial/banking, jobs/wages and wealth-creating conditions, education, public sector circumstances, health conditions, protection from predators, and leadership styles will guide us moving forward. This month we are featuring a resource on the National Quality Forum website, that speaks to the redesign of care related to behavioral health disorders which affect 44 million adults in America. A “Telebehavioral Health” How to Guide.

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