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Change Your Thoughts!

by | Jan 19, 2021 | Mind

Change Your Thoughts

Are you ready to retrain your brain? Buckle up buttercup is what I told myself when I was about 25 years old. The twists and turns in the first quarter century on the planet was something I never imagined. As I learned to explore the “deeper me” I found thoughts and behaviors that needed to be addressed to continuously improve. The “baby steps” I started with have guided me to gain a deeper understanding of myself, human nature and progressive change. When you begin to embrace new “conversations with self” you might want to keep humor in the forefront as it could be painful! It’s not always easy to restructure a behavior or habit, but persistence is key. Here are some tips, be aware of your thoughts, turn negative to positive (by the way, you didn’t fail, you learned how not to do something), understand what triggers YOU, create a personal mantra, compliment and encourage yourself, practice daily gratitude, switch your environment or who you hang out with, listen to inspiring music, dance or develop a new routine. When you feel you are making progress think of how to take what you have learned and share a positive vibration with others. Perhaps it’s as simple as learning to look at someone and smile or say hello. You don’t need to do it with everyone, start with small steps. Here’s 30 ideas.

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