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Access to Healthy Food a “Built Environment”

by | Apr 22, 2022 | Body, Mind, Soul

What individuals need for overall wellness

The graphic above easily explains key elements within Social Determinants of Health (SDOH). This focus area, is one of three, we at PCLLC will address moving forward. These areas are nothing new to many people. We will break down each area, tell stories, share data, and learn, as a collective, ways to help overcome barriers people face. Together, through education, we can do better.

Join Us!  Become engaged in purposeful and R.E.A.L. (Respect, Equity, Awareness, Learning) concepts that help leave our communities better than the statistics we find and share. Let’s begin breaking these categories down to address root causes and continue to ask “Why” so we can develop multiple responses. One solution might not fit for all situations. Just like a recipe, substitutions, alterations and learning to adapt, create new ways to enjoy the “fruits of our labor.”

Under  “Built Environment” the mentions look at “Access to healthy food.”  An alarming number of people in the United States lack access to healthy food.

Overall, over 38 million Americans (11.8 percent of the population) lived in households that struggle with food insecurities. Some households, one in 25 (3.9 percent) report regularly skipping meals or reducing intake because they could not afford more food. Recent data shows unacceptably high levels of food insecurity in 2020.

Unfortunately, one in seven households with children (14.8 percent) could not buy enough food for their families, considerable higher than households without children (8.8 percent). Households in rural areas experienced deeper struggles with hunger compared to those in metro areas, with higher rates of food insecurity overall (11.6 percent in rural areas compared to 10.4 percent in metro areas). These statistics cause some of us to consider what we can do and how we can partner with other organizations to tell stories of what can be done to overcome challenges such as these.

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