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As you have learned, the shift to electronic can bring, perhaps a new word, interoperability, or a new process that you no longer want to manage through a staff person who may move on and take what they know with them. This not only leaves a knowledge gap within the ordinary workflow, but what you do not know may cost you money. Be it fines, the cost of a rolling out a plan of correction, or unrealized opportunities in the pay-for-performance arena having an expert manage pieces of the business may be worth considering. Additionally, becoming a member in national or regional organizations can provide insight as to what others are doing, or the lessons they learned.

We are a member of the National Quality Forum (NQF), as a paid member you see the high level links that are a part of your membership. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Congress, and the Administration turn to NQF to take on complex and pressing healthcare issues that impact tens of millions of Americans. Something to consider!



Regulatory Compliance is necessary in so many areas, a good place to start is with HIPPA, this company can design a process to meet your needs.

HIPAA Compliance


HIPAA should be simple. That's why we partnered with Compliancy Group, the only HIPAA software with expert Compliance Coaches holding your hand to simplify compliance. Built by auditors, Compliancy Group gives you confidence in your compliance plan to reduce risk, increase patient loyalty, and profitability of your organization.

Why Compliancy Group?

  • HIPAA Audit Support, no client has ever failed an audit!
  • HIPAA Seal of Compliance
  • Dedicated Compliance Coaches
  • Total HIPAA Solution

Are you HIPPA Compliant?

Download our FREE checklist to review the steps required to be HIPPA compliant and find out where your organization stands! FREE Checklist

Do you need the NGS Medicare Crosswalk Reference?

The New National Government Services Medicare Crosswalk is ready! Learn about Enrollment, Claims & Appeals, (Part A/HHH/FQHC) Medical Policy & Review, Provider Resources, Education events, manuals, FAQ Topics and more!

Now that you’ve learned about requirements, consider what you want an expert to align for you

This area provides resources to organizations and businesses who can help you design your next steps.

Review Your QPP Registration and Data

Be ready! If you are already registered have the security Official/Staff person log-in. If you aren’t sure who has access, create a system for your office so the following information is handy; gather the following:

  • Tax ID Number (TIN)
  • NPI (individual or all in the group)
  • Medicare PECOS PAC ID (numbers of members in the group)
  • PECOS Enrollment ID

It’s handy to have the Provider Enumeration Date and the last Update. As a member, you have access to an EXCEL workbook, ASK Us!

Connect to an Organization (practice) and Select a Role

This site outlines the steps to connect an Organization (like a practice, QCDR/Registry, or an APM Entity) and how to get the Security Official or Staff User role you need, and sign In.  If you have never registered, start here, a User Guide will be the tool needed. Once you are registered you will be redirected to HARP (this can take up to 15 min.)


Resources that speak to Timelines and Important Deadlines


Refer a Best Practice Business/Organization, Friend or Colleague

Ready to Chart Your Course?

How to become responsible and accountable in a world of unknowns.